What’s the Point of Fantasy Baseball?


What’s the Point of Fantasy Baseball?

How do you play Fantasy Baseball?


The game of fantasy baseball can be played online or played on paper. The most common way to play is online. The first thing a player must have is a fundamental understanding of the game of baseball. A player must assemble their team by drafting players for his/her fantasy team. Once the player has picked his/her players and is satisfied with their rankings, their team can be assigned to a league.

Access your player’s strengths and weaknesses and assemble them accordingly. If there is still time, a player may trade out weaker players with other teams to solidify their lineup. Next the player needs to choose what type of scoring system they want to use. The two major scoring types are rotisserie and head to head. In rotisserie scoring the player plays against all the teams in the league and is given statistics in each scoring category. In head to head scoring, the player plays against one team per week and receives one point for each scoring category.

To achieve the best scores and stats, a player must (if at all possible) have a well-rounded team. Every day the lineup should consist of a first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, pitcher, catcher, third baseman, outfielders, a utility man, two relievers and three extra players of whatever the player chooses. The team roster must also include five bench spots.

The Fantasy baseball season isn’t over until the end of the World Series, and then the fun starts all over again next season.

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