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The following are resources that we have complied that should assist you in your continuing education in game development from the methods and principles.  These gaming resources should help you in building a strong foundation in both understanding and in practice of the game development cycle.  This is just a short list, and we also suggest that you seek out additional resources that will add to your education.  The types of resources that you will find here are game development experts, online game examples and actual games that can be used for inspiration in your development. The list of resources is continually updated as we find websites of real educational value. is a website that offers readers reviews and rankings in the realm of online casinos that have been converted to mobile applications. Reviews are paired with a 5-star ranking system and cover the different aspects of online casinos, as well as relevant news and technology updates in the world of mobile casino gaming. The website also keeps players informed on a current inventory of casino available online as well as a weekly featured game that is completely free to try. Additionally, each new game will be accompanied by a review to give players insight on its features and rewards. is a website providing its readers with valuable information concerning risk-free trials of slot machine games at various online casino websites. It offers a list of different casinos that will allow players to try out games without having to make a deposit to play. Information regarding pertinent dates and times is given, as well as signup information and guidelines. This caters to each player’s individual preference. Many online casinos have conditions that must be followed to take advantage of their promotions. Fortunately, makes readers aware of what to look out for so the free gaming experience is exactly what they expect. is a website for all things video games and more. Readers will have access to a huge list of game trailers, as well as reviews about games, movies, and TV shows. The website has helpful navigation, splitting up general content into specific categories by PC, console gaming, movies, and other hot topics. The reviews are extremely valuable, as they give readers an idea of what to expect before making a new game purchase or buying movie tickets. Game reviews even come with guides and cheat codes to help players along. Readers can also sign up for an e-mail newsletter to get instant updates on their favorite stuff. is a website dedicated to honest reviews and rankings of online casino sites. It offers a chance for readers to really dissect a casino’s operations before making a financial commitment. Reviews are straight-forwarding and very thorough, giving a lot of information to help potential players make the right decision. There are also sections for the latest news in the industry as well as a list of new game arrivals and what games can be tried out for free. The website’s design is simple and easy to navigate, so readers should not have any problem finding the information that they need.