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Australian Gaming Authorities

Australian Flag gaming resourcesIn Australia, each territory and state is entirely responsible for their own regulation of gaming.  This includes licensing for racing and gaming.

The Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation is Commissioned by David Ford with Jarrod Bleijie as Minister for Justice and the Attorney General of Queensland.  International queries can be addressed here +61 7 3872 0999  or by using their email

When researching good online casino gaming resources for Australia, we found that classifies each brand and rates the company by a compilation of the rankings of said classifications.  As a consumer site, this is some very helpful information.  As an industry site, this information provides some keen insights into the mindset of the consumer.  View the guide here.

The NSW Government regulates fundraising, advertising on the radio for those events, gaming, promotions and competitions and application forms can be obtained here

Recently in the Northern Territory government, the office of gambling and licensing was dissolved and the powers of the Deputy Director or the Director of Licensing were merged into a new position called Director General.  If you need more information on this recent change, take a look here as it best explains it.

In South Australia, Consumer and Business Services are in charge of upholding the Gaming Machines Act of 1992. This office is also responsible for licensing, taxation, and statistical reporting. Interestingly enough, according to the Casino Act of 1997, just to be able to work at a land-based casino, the applicant has to be approved by the Gambling Commissioner.  This is in the case of what the government refers to as sensitive positions which hold responsibility.  The process typically requires a background check in both financial history and criminal history and this can take around four weeks.

The Tasmanian Gaming Commission is a branch of the Department of Treasury and Finance and was established under the Gaming Control Act of 1993.  Basically this commission just follows whatever the national agenda is at the time.  As of the writing of this resource, of the three person body that forms the commission, one seat is currently vacant. Operating Statement

Film Television and Radio

online-tv-gamingFilm, Television, Radio and Internet fall under the guidelines of the Australian Classification for Media system.  Internet content, especially advertising falls under the Broadcasting Services Act.  You may want to become familiar with compliance and procedures.  You can go here to find out more about Australian Media classification.