Betting on Football


Betting on Football

What are Some of the Bets that Can be Made for Football?


Online betting options have made the list of available bets for all kinds of sports a seemingly endless list of options. For football fans, the large amount of games played each year at college and professional level means the betting options are enormous, but, understanding these bets can open up a world of fun and excitement when football season rolls around again.

Football takes place over a season, meaning bets can be placed throughout the year on the choice of team to win a division, conference or the overall championship come the end of the season. Divisional play in professional football and conference standings at college level includes bets on the teams to win a division or finish bottom. Bets are also available for the performance of individual players over the course of a season, with odds available throughout the year on the player who finishes as MVP, Heisman Trophy winner or the best statistical performer in a particular position.

Each time a game is played in college football, the CFL or NFL a whole host of bets are made available through an extensive array of sportsbooks. Firstly, the winner of a game can be chosen and bet on, with a tie option also available. Many Online sportsbooks offer odds on a handicapped game, with the favorite to win given odds of winning with a specific number of points published that will be removed from their total at the end of the game.

When looking at bets to make on football games the options also include the kind of scores that will be made, an individual can often bet on the first score being a touchdown, field goal or safety. For an individual game the identity of a scorer can also be bet on, with different odds provided on a player scoring first, last or at any time during a game.

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