A Look at Real Time Strategy Games

A Look at Real Time Strategy Games

What makes a game a Real Time Strategy game ?


As opposed to playing as a single soldier from a first person perspective as is the case with modern day first person shooters, real time strategy games allows you to play from the third person, giving you the opportunity to control a vast amount of units within an army that are divided into different categories which each have their own strengths and weaknesses that essentially brings a strategic element to the game in itself.

Real Time Gameplay
Another element that makes a game a real time strategy game is the ability for units to act accordingly in real time to a variety of situations without the player’s intervention. For example, in Starcraft 2, a very popular Real Time Strategy game, if you decide to create a bunker filled with soldiers in a tactical position to defend one of your bases, because it’s a true real time strategy game, they are able to shoot all incoming invaders without having to wait for a physical command from the user.

Unit/System Tree
Every real time strategy game focuses on the concept of building up an army and as such, there needs to be a system that allows the users to slowly gather the resources they need in order to build the structures they want so that they can create a specific type of unit. This system allows for some highly strategic gameplay in terms of destroying another players structure in order to cripple his\her ability to produce a specific type of unit.

The most important element of every Real Time Strategy game is the abilty to utilize the various character’s strenghts and weaknesses to gain a tactical advantage in certain scenarios, commonly reffered to as the rock, paper, scissors effect.


Betting on Football

Betting on Football

What are Some of the Bets that Can be Made for Football?


Online betting options have made the list of available bets for all kinds of sports a seemingly endless list of options. For football fans, the large amount of games played each year at college and professional level means the betting options are enormous, but, understanding these bets can open up a world of fun and excitement when football season rolls around again.

Football takes place over a season, meaning bets can be placed throughout the year on the choice of team to win a division, conference or the overall championship come the end of the season. Divisional play in professional football and conference standings at college level includes bets on the teams to win a division or finish bottom. Bets are also available for the performance of individual players over the course of a season, with odds available throughout the year on the player who finishes as MVP, Heisman Trophy winner or the best statistical performer in a particular position.

Each time a game is played in college football, the CFL or NFL a whole host of bets are made available through an extensive array of sportsbooks. Firstly, the winner of a game can be chosen and bet on, with a tie option also available. Many Online sportsbooks offer odds on a handicapped game, with the favorite to win given odds of winning with a specific number of points published that will be removed from their total at the end of the game.

When looking at bets to make on football games the options also include the kind of scores that will be made, an individual can often bet on the first score being a touchdown, field goal or safety. For an individual game the identity of a scorer can also be bet on, with different odds provided on a player scoring first, last or at any time during a game.


What’s the Point of Fantasy Baseball?

What’s the Point of Fantasy Baseball?

How do you play Fantasy Baseball?


The game of fantasy baseball can be played online or played on paper. The most common way to play is online. The first thing a player must have is a fundamental understanding of the game of baseball. A player must assemble their team by drafting players for his/her fantasy team. Once the player has picked his/her players and is satisfied with their rankings, their team can be assigned to a league.

Access your player’s strengths and weaknesses and assemble them accordingly. If there is still time, a player may trade out weaker players with other teams to solidify their lineup. Next the player needs to choose what type of scoring system they want to use. The two major scoring types are rotisserie and head to head. In rotisserie scoring the player plays against all the teams in the league and is given statistics in each scoring category. In head to head scoring, the player plays against one team per week and receives one point for each scoring category.

To achieve the best scores and stats, a player must (if at all possible) have a well-rounded team. Every day the lineup should consist of a first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, pitcher, catcher, third baseman, outfielders, a utility man, two relievers and three extra players of whatever the player chooses. The team roster must also include five bench spots.

The Fantasy baseball season isn’t over until the end of the World Series, and then the fun starts all over again next season.


Bets on Baseball Games

Bets on Baseball Games

What are some of the bets that can be made for baseball?


Sports betting is a very popular American hobby or profession. While most sports bettors enjoy making plays on football, basketball, horse racing, and boxing; the sport of baseball can also be a top sport to bet on. Below is a list several bets that can be made for the sport of baseball.

Money Line:
The money line is a straight forward bet in which you will bet on a team to either win or lose. There will be no spreads to cover or anything else, just bet on the winner. Generally in baseball for a bet to count the game must be played at least seven innings.

When you decide to bet on the spread in baseball there are several choices. You can pick the underdog to win the game and you will get one and half runs. This means that if you bet on the underdog Tigers vs the Yankees than the Tigers doesn’t necessarily have to win the game in order for you to win the bet. If the Tigers have a spread of one and a half runs and lose the game 5-4, you win the bet because the Tigers will get their underdog points to make the bet 6-5 Tigers. You can also bet on the favorite to win the bet. Lets say you pick the Yankees to beat the Tigers. The Yankees would lose one and a half runs and would need to win the game by at least two runs to make you win the bet.

Over and Under:
The over and under bets are very simple. The odds makers will come up with a number of total runs that will be scored in the entire game. If the odds makers pick 10 runs than you have the option to bet if the score will go over 10 or under 10. If the Yankees beat the Tigers 6-5 than the game went over the total. If you bet on the under you would have lost that bet.